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Originally Posted by enrita View Post
you are not running 14 psi... just look at the boost, its like 17,4 at 4000 rpm and 15.8 at redline, THATS A LOT for 98 octane. when you open the log use your left and right arrows to follow the boost you are running throughout the rpm. lower even more. you really need to put some E85 in there or run meth if you want to push the boost up .
But I set Start boost setting to 40%, which means 14PSI. I don't know why boost is higher. Should I set Overbost limit to lower PSI (I left fefault setting - 17 PSI)?
I know how to check my boost, thanks
A strange thing is my car used to autotune to 16+ PSI with stock turbos and to 18+ PSI with RB turbos with the latest autotune maps...

I read many bad things about E85 and 335i ~1.5 years ago (bad for our engines, fuel lines, fuel pumps, etc.). That is why I don't really want to go with E85. Plus, I should do many modifications, right?

Thanks for your help.
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