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BC coilovers rear install HELP!!

I recently bought a set of BC coilovers from one of the members on the forum and the fronts came along perfectly, i figured id let the height adjustment as it came since it seem perfect for me. However when i put the rears in it left my car sitting way too low and even when i try to adjust the height on the spring with the adjusting perch it remains at the same height. I have gone thru it again and cant think of what i did wrong or whats missing and its driving me crazy and making the car essentially undeliverable.

The only part i did not installed was #3 as it wasn't specified to reuse and know some people don't use it without issues

The seller has been more then helpful but at this point were both puzzled as to why the car sits so low and why adjusting the perch on the spring will not adjust the height of the car so any help would be greatly appreciated.