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Originally Posted by NJ 1161 View Post
And skelts. It's £100 to change and then £90 for decent tracking if I change my mind? Coilies or springs?..

Yea i forgot to add the tracking in. mmmmm tough decision and its not even my car

I'd go springs and the rest on:

- carbon front lip
- carbon diffuser
- carbon front/side grills
-1m front bumper

think ive just over spent though

Mate, carbons already budgeted for. Front spoiler, kidney grills, bonnet vents ( hopefully both sides!), side vents, wing mirrors, and rear spoiler ( poss perf BMW). Going to save rear diffuser till last. All 1:1 weave to match roof. That's no question.

Suspension however.......

Think I will go coilovers. Spends £200 on springs, £200 on fit and track. £400. Quite a bit if I ditch them. All lost bar maybe £100 back for springs?

Might call coilover place tomorrow
I do like the 1 m bumper but not the way I want to go.