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Originally Posted by keungleung View Post
similar question - I'm on the hunt for a used 335i or 135i at the moment

Am I better off getting it inspected at BMW, using StateRoads inspection which I've done in the past and found quite decent cause they do check paint and compression etc, or getting one of these Euro specialist workshops (can people recommend me some workshops in the different states).
My experience, don't buy a used BMW from anyone except BMW.
From various "prestige" used car lots, you really have NO IDEA what you are buying.
Remember all those floods in Queensland? More then a few written-off cars are repaired, and shipped interstate for selling in yards like that.
Yes, you can lookup the car's status., but Queensland make you pay for the search...bastards!

I just don't think it's worth the risk, and let's be honest, the prices aren't THAT different!