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Originally Posted by 808MGuy View Post
Why not just go with a PC based RTA? Can be done for about $100.
I have that, too. I never got it to work. Paid $60 for TrueRTA, $50 for the MicMate, and $65 for the mic. Paperweights. Turns out you actually need a laptop with a super duper sound card, like a $2000 Alienware or something like that, otherwise the readings are off. You can also get an external USB soundcard (about $100), but then you have so much shit hanging off the laptop with all these wires, and need to get a mic stand for the mic, that it is just not convenient to use. Plus the software is pretty complicated to use and you need to calibrate with the sound card to get it to work properly. Call me crazy but that's just not worth it. If you want a deal on a mic and micmate, let me know!

Interestingly, StudioSix just came out with a cool mic that attaches directly to the iPhone sync connector, and it works with their RTA softare. Pretty convenient, and pretty accurate (so they say), but at $199 it is not exactly a bargain.

My test shows though that you can use the $4 SPLnFFT app to do some pretty accurate level setting, and that was the purpose of this thread. This is the only app (out of the ones I have) that's going to measure the level of the underseats accurately.
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