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Originally Posted by LuxAngelEyes View Post
This is the first we have seen this post. I'm very sorry that you feel this way about our LUX H8 V3, and your reaction to the lights is very different from almost every other reaction we have ever heard or read about on the forums.

We have designed these lights to be as bright as possible and they are still the brightest LED Angel eyes on the market to date. Other companies have their 20W or 32W brands, but they are significantly dimmer especially with the headlights turn on. With these other brands, the lights dim to around 1/3 brightness with the headlights on while ours stay full brightness all the time.

As for color, due to the nature of the physical headlight there could be some color differences between the inner and outer ring. The inner ring uses a reflector to bounce the light from the LED forward so it can be viewed directly. the outer ring used a fiber optic tube, plastic and small groves to reflect out the light. As the light is reflected out of the plastic tube it will cause the light to change slightly producing a more yellowish effect. You dont notice this with the stock bulbs since they are already yellow

Again we are sorry that you are not as happy with the lights as expected. There are other brands out there you can try but you will be less satisfied with them i can assure you
I appreciate your response. Based on the majority of reviews, I would agree that your lights are most often the top rated. Hence the reason I spent more money and went with your product. Unfortunately, I have come across two other brands in person that appeared brighter and had less variation between the inner and outer lights. (Both of those brands have been mentioned in this post) My initial hope was that I received a bad set but based on other comments in this thread, it sounds like there are others who feel the same way.