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WHEELS ARE BEING STOLEN! If you see anyone hustling Legit LMs or OEM 359s, DIAL 911

I was greeted with this sight this AM:

3 cars in a secured (transponder based system) and heavily video camera'd garage were hit in total; the two you see (mine is the white one), and a Nissan Maxima that had some NISMO 19s just put on it. I just put on my OEM Style 359Ms about 2 months ago, and my buddy Jerald's authentic BBS LMs (bought new 6 months ago) were taken as well. This is the first time that cops have seen this happen here, but apparently this kind of thing has been happening quite a bit in Greenwich, Old Greenwich, Scarsdale, Norwalk, etc, where guys are going into pretty secure places and going wheel shopping. If anyone sees a set of OEM 359Ms with 235/35/19 and 265/35/19s Michelin Pilot Supersports on them (M3 wheels with non-M fitment, not too common), or authentic BBS LMs in e9x fitment (19x8.5/9.5) with CF centercaps and Conti DW in the same fitment as above, call the cops, they might be stolen.

I need a drink now.
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