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There was some confusion at the dealer between 16127200597 and 16116766685. They said you couldn't get 685 without 597 and 597 was unavailable. They even called BMW. I didn't think that made any sense because its a once piece deal. I think maybe 2 pieces are welded together to make one and for some reason BMW has both P/N's listed for it. 685 was $0.80 so I told them to order me 4 of them and they'll be in on Friday.

For my needs, I'm replacing the exact one in the picture of this thread and I'm replacing the one next to the oil filter housing. I'm also replacing the one on the backside of the intake manifold and the one that goes on a metal plate to hold the fuel hose that connects to the fuel rail. These things are super fragile over time I guess. All I did was try to get the hoses out of them and they just came apart.

So this is what I needed to replace.

And this is what showed up.

Which part did you guys actually get? I ordered the one listed in this thread which you can see on the bag. The stealership said the part was not redesigned but I think it was.

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