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Originally Posted by Laguna Seca Blue View Post
I really don't want to go over the same points over and over. The flash itself is not invasive, and leaves the DME serial unchanged. A dealership won't be able to detect that it's been altered. Apparently someone with an early version was having underboost issues when they completely removed their PROcede and flex fuel sensor, but I'm fairly certain Shiv has resolved that issue. Speak to him.
Okay, just for clarification. So when I send my dme to get it reflashed to use the flex fuel it, if I ever need to take it to BMW for service check up, I can remove the Vishnu and flex fuel kit and th dealership will not know I ever had it on right? And my boost won't be at 2-3psi? Cause on the Vishnu website, it says my boost will be low like 2-3psi due to the reflash.