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haha, ok Nancy. LOL Sorry, I could resist.

Serg's car is very fast, he was kicking some @$$ this weekend... and yes he pulled on me and should have pulled on me much harder than he did. His car also has a 300+ lb. weight advantage. CF hood, CF trunk, Seat removed and he weighs 100 lbs less than me. To be fair 500rw could be high considering the Mustang was at 422, but thats the highest hp numbers FFTEC has ever seen with stock turbos. Even Trevor's car only made 375 on 100% e85 and he has slips showing low to mid 11's. Also, Shiv never ran his car on stock turbo's with e85, so saying it's not possible for me to make 50 hp more than my tuner ever made on stock turbo's just isn't using good logic.

Thomas's G.I.A.C. B5 S4 was listed at 500hp and we were bumper to bumper. Really a great race. I just wish I would have raced him a few more times because it was a rush to have two cars that close going bumper to bumper all the way down the track. I think Serg also pulled a car or two on Thomas, so that make sense.

I plan on going to HPF to get numbers on their Dynojet as a comparison. I'll post the numbers when I get them.

So regardless of what I actually made because it doesn't really matter, my car was faster than any other stock turbo car at the event, that is something that NO ONE can deny. The positive thing that comes from this is we know the FFTEC fuel pump works. Upgraded turbos and other tunes should benefit from this pump.

For me, I have no other option now but to look for upgraded turbo's if I want to make more power, but I think I'll wait until they figure out how to fix the AT issues. Thanks Mike.

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To be honest 500rw sounds way out of line for stock turbos even with E85. Most guys make 430-450rw. Sick335 makes 500rw and he seemed to be pulling away from you very easily? Tuners always test everything first on their shop cars before sending them off to customers. It seems strange to me also your tune would make 50whp more than they did. Not trying to be a negative Nancy but as they say extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence right?