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Originally Posted by Laguna Seca Blue View Post
JB4 actually has to run more aggressive timing through the ATP flash because the G5 board cannot advance timing.
One is a worry free, complete solution, the other is not and they cost almost the same! In fact, if you went the BMS way with Vishnu it would only cost you a little more than $700 (Rev2.5 + $99 flash + shipping DME)
To be clear, Terry has stated that the JB4 (G4 or G5) can advance ignition timing via a firmware change, but he doesn't want the liability of careless (a.k.a. dumb) people to adjust something that can potentially harm the car. He also doesn't feel CPS-offset is the best solution for proper ignition control, which is why he leaves it to the flash map to control it.

Originally Posted by Laguna Seca Blue View Post
Spool Twice - Perhaps you should look up the definition of propaganda. E90post accepts all points of view. The other forum that a number of you frequent shuts out contrarian perspectives. Talk about a vehicle for Propaganda. Unlike many of you, it doesn't bother me when you disagree with me. I appreciate it.
I have, and find it all over a lot of people's post, whats your point? I simply told the O/P to break through it and read through the facts and listen to more experience E85 users. Did that post ignite a flame with you as if it was directed towards you?

On a side note, whats with you constantly needing to bring up the "other" forum all the time? How does that pertain to this thread?
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