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Originally Posted by rcurley55 View Post
The MS-8 has gained a poor reputation because it was designed and marketed as a simple solution to great sound. In reality, it is the simple solution to great sound in most systems and tends to work better with simple systems. It basically conflicts with everything that DIYMA is about. For the MS-8 to work its magic, you need to play by its rules (I liken it to using iTunes for that reason). If you play by its rules, it tends to work.

With that said, there is definitely something about BMWs that is does not like - AT ALL. While it can work, it takes a whole lot of effort and trial and error to get correct. Because it is marketed as a processor that can auto-tune, users tend to assume that they don't have to tweak it after-the-fact. That just isn't the case - the EQ is pretty good at fixing calibration issues.
So it is an auto-tune device that simply requires a "whole lot of effort and trial and error", eh? It is not "marketed as an auto-tune device", it IS an auto tune device. What other value does it bring? A quality PEQ? Nope. Other good manual adjustment interfaces? Nope. It has 8 puny amp channels and auto tune. That is the value it (does not) provide, at least not for L7 owners.

Kaigoss, I asked you for advice via PM on multiple occasions and followed it to the T. None of it worked. If you look across the history of your posts on the MS8 you will note a pattern of, "I finally nailed it- sounds awesome!" followed in a few months and numerous mods later by, "Now have really struck gold here!" followed in another few months by more of the same. Your final response via PM to me was, "I never got a good tune until I went to all external amps..." That was YEARS after your first post on the MS8. Ridiculous.

Come on over to Boulder any time- love to hear your car. Bet ya mine sounds better at 1/4 the cost, 1/5 the complexity and 1/100 the man hours.

And if any of you can recall, JBL initially installed the prototype MS8 in a (wait for it) E90 BMW to demonstrate it's amazing calibration abilities and supposedly won an SQ comp with that set-up (stock drivers). Guess a few corners were cut between prototype and production.

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