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Originally Posted by idrift4wd View Post
Post pics of wheels so we know what to look for!

search craigslist, ebay, other forums. check for all areas in the tri-state. Post on other forums also.

(I don't have pics of his on his car...I know he's on the forum, just forget what his UID is)
Mine...(stealing Kamek's pic cause I had the same wheels)

Originally Posted by MARIO K View Post
Oh wow that sucks! Did you (or the police) get any video footage?
Tons of footage...I am going to nag them to see it. Hopefully the cops use it to actually get someone

Originally Posted by JS-NA.E92 View Post
Wow that sucks big time but now i'm scared for my rims and I have Authentic DPE's.
Don't be. I'm not getting steelies afterward because of this.

Originally Posted by Ryebread View Post
Horrible. Please keep us posted. Sorry dude.
Thanks, I appreciate happens...guess you never think it happens to you...until it does.

Originally Posted by ihsanshaik View Post
Shocked. Plate number off the car? No way these guys were walking around with heavy ass cement blocks. They knew what they wanted obviously.
They definitely did. According to the security guys, they drove 3 vehicles in...a sedan, a minivan to carry the wheels, and a motorcycle support vehicle. The sedan had the transponder. None of them had license plates.

Originally Posted by SCS15 View Post
Id be surprised if they just pulled up in a car, broken into a secure garage that just happened to have a few grand in wheels in it. These guys a pros.

Feel bad for you man. Never had rims stolen but have had a $500 spoiler stolen of my old tl.
Thanks, and I agree...they were definitely wheel shopping. There are 6x 911s parked all around me, at least 3x of which had MSRPs 3x higher than mine, with very very nice wheels, and are all less than 2 years old, 2x S63s, 2x S550s (current generation), and none of them were touched.

Originally Posted by GsxNy View Post
really sorry to see this happen to you. i think we are all empathizing. just curious if any of you guys have wheel locks? once again, we feel for you. go grab a drink like you said.
Thanks... Jerald (guy with the LMs) had wheel locks, I did not. Jerald's passenger window was broken, passenger door scratched, center console trashed...and they got the wheel lock key out of the hidden spot he placed it within his trunk. Someone today asked me why he would be so stupid as to keep the wheel lock key in the car. I responded by asking why he would be so stupid as to NOT keep the wheel lock key in the car. On the other hand, my windows, passenger door, and interior were all intact. Take that for what it's worth. I've always been of the belief that if someone is truly motivated to steal your stuff, they're gonna get it, one way or another, and that adding obstacles which can be somewhat easily overcome (lettuce be cereal, I don't care what dumb $300 wheel lock you have, it can be defeated by some nitrogen, a chisel and a hammer) is a surefire way to incur more damage than you otherwise would. Unfortunately, today I got to witness my theory in action

Originally Posted by ihsanshaik View Post
This is why you have insurance and most likely will not pay for your aftermarket oem wheels right?
I would imagine they might have put up a fight otherwise since I am temporarily away from Chubb, which i <3...but I got a rider on my policy for modifications for the largest amount possible without going to agreed value, so I am covered.

Originally Posted by psmitty95 View Post
Wow thats awful. Please don't tell me this happened in Greenwich? I really didn't think i'd need to get wheel locks here but now i'm rethinking....
It didn't happen in Greenwich, it happened in Stamford. However, this is the first time it's happened in's not the first time it's happened in Greenwich by any stretch of the imagination whatsoever. And see what I posted above about wheel locks...IMHO, it's a great way to have your car broken into and damaged even more.

Originally Posted by 335xi Kevo View Post
Depends. Either way you'll be getting OEM prices on the wheels back in a claim charge.
No, I'll be getting the full value of the wheels I paid's why I insured for them. That said, I would imagine most would still get similar results without being as paranoid as I am.

Originally Posted by JTWCT View Post
Sorry to hear. Do any of those cars have wheel locks? I'm in one of the towns mentioned and have wheel locks on mine.
The black one had the EU McGard wheel locks, the ones that everyone drools over and pays stupid money for. His car got its window broken, door screwed up, console ripped apart, and still got it's wheels stolen. Mine didn't have that happen. Take that for what it's worth.