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Originally Posted by Wes. View Post
Hey guys, I just installed my AP for the first time. While installing, I got all sorts of error messages (brake malfunction, dsc malfunction, engine malfunction, transmission malfunction, etc...) which I think is to be expected. Once the flashing was complete, I cycled the car off, then on and I immediately got the brake malfunction message again. It quickly went away and I drove around the block to make sure that everything was ok.

The accelerator and brake pedal seemed to have increased in stiffness by 100% lol. I know I am not crazy. The car drives like a dream, but the pedals feel so stiff! What's up with that? Is this all in my head?
Hey buddy, congrats on your new tune.

Error codes during flashing are expected and should all go away.

As far as pedal stiffness, it is definitely in your head it's probably how the car moves with pedal input that's throwing you off. You'll get use to it.
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