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Car Totaled:(

Hi guys,

Coming home from school someone failed to yield a unprotected green left. I saw it turned as hard as i could right and slammed on the breaks but ended up t-boning the car. My car did a 720; airbags deployed and so forth. Got out and couldn't see straight for about a 30 seconds. I then proceeded to go check on the other driver(who happened to be a hot ass cheerleader from my school). Cops came and I told them my story, she told them hers. She said I was speeding but also said she wasn't wearing her seatbelt. I said I was going straight at the posted speed and she failed to yield. Anyways cop said he thought it was a little of both our faults. Feel safe in those BMW's because they are SAFE. I loved my car and it made me cry seeing it hauled away.

Being 17 my mom will probably never fall for buying her son another BMW, plus my insurance will most likely be +400 per month. It was a 325i E90 with 84k miles. Had 60k miles when I bought it for 16k in November of 2011. What are the recommendations for a reasonable quick car around the 10-14k price range? I am looking for something of equal or lesser size and good fit and finish quality with responsive steering feedback.



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