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White Smoke Rough Idle

Having an issues with the car tonight. Went to go start it up after work and it was a very very rough start took awhile for the car to turn over once it did really rough idle then clouds of white smoke out of the exhaust and well as my CEL went off and i could smell lots of gas kinda smelt liek a gas station... For awhile the car idled really rough and the smoke was coming out turned off the JB4... after about 2 miles the rough idle stopped as well as the white smoke... As some of you may know NJ is having some gas issues it was hard to get 93 oct gas but i did get some perhaps it was a bad batch? got it form BP so far ive driven 82 miles on it. What can be causing this issue? is there any way to read the codes with the JB4... as of right not car is acting normal still getting stock boost and is driving normal it just had the CEL on now i should mention mods are bov charge pipe catback exhaust as well as JB4 and i only run map 1