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Originally Posted by nailer335 View Post

Imagine that you owned a business and went above and beyond to help your largely technically inept customer base use your product. Imagine that the product that this hypothetical business you're running isn't proven to cause failure of any kind and has been proven on thousands of applications for anywhere from thousands to tens of thousands of miles on each of those thousands of applications. Despite all of this, also imagine that this business' marketing is highly dependent on the Internet. Yes, you're right. That can be unfortunate, because unfortunately everyone has opinions nowadays and can voice them publicly, in such a way that they actually influence sheeple who know as little about your hypothetical business' product, its application and effects on the system to which it applies, etc as the person who has the freedom to post ignorantly about your hypothetical business online. I agree, reading and learning will always be better than posting, and people who have un(der)qualified opinions should be ghost on Internet space.

Lesson #1: Change the title of your post
Lesson #2: Read/learn as much as you can and apply critical thinking equal to the consequences of the situation you're in and creating before posting online to avoid this in the future.

Ok, we're going to continue on the hypothetical examples here. Let's say that you owned a business that performed labor on machines in ways that a VAST majority of your customer base didn't understand any better than hieroglyphics. One day, someone with one of the generally perceived "nicer" or more complicated and technical machines comes in and asks for your help. He has made changes to the machine. He does not present himself as someone who understands the machine as a whole, nor does he appear to be the proactive or curious type. Since you observe that this person appears to have the right combination of money, general liking for the "costly" (subjective) machine, enough so to modify it from its original state, AND they aren't proactive, you decide to take advantage of their ignorance by blaming a technical issue on an easy target that you know this customer will eat up. You can run this person up and down and give them a reason they'll believe. You make more money doing so and this person never knows any better, they'll believe whatever you tell them. You can now plan a nice vacation.

Lesson #3: be proactive. First, if you modify the ECU, make sure that you have a way to diagnose problems. Your best choice is a BT cable. Some "tuners" have means whereby customers can read codes too. To me, a netbook, BT cable, and a JB3/4 or proceed are a team and any of the three independently would be considered incomplete.
Lesson #4: recognize that a shop will make as much money as it can. Generally speaking, people who care about money will make as much of it as possible. Do yourself a favor and take your car to another shop for a second opinion. Maybe you can look on the local forums, posting (better yet, searching first to see if your question has been asked before in the past six years) a request for a reference to a reputable shop from someone who has been taking their JB/PROcede tuned 335i to for service/diagnosis/etc

Just a few quick thoughts, hopefully this helps and hopefully you see the lessons to be learned from them and apply them like someone with decency would. I think I spelled everything right, let me know if I didn't and I'll correct myself. Good luck with your car, hopefully you straighten things out.
^ VERY WELL PUT Graduating from the University of Texas didn't teach me how to spell as properly as the incredibly intelligent OP haha.

I appreciate you taking the time to actually respond properly since I was in a hurry when I wrote my post lol. Very well put and hopefully the OP can understand and learn exactly why such a thread is as misleading as the shop he took his car to. But def props to the shop for convincing the OP that they know EVERYTHING about the N54's!! It must be a shop like NTB and you know NTB knows all there is to know about these N54's haha let me tell ya
OP take your car is a shop that is familiar with BMW's at the least...Try and find a shop that is more of a "performance based shop"
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