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:( Got pulled over today

I was on my way to work in the 818 area and noticed a cop behind me in the next lane over, I immediately opened my sun roof to let some light in the car so the tinted windows don't seem so dark since they're illegal in CA but it was sunset so it didn't help, also didn't want to roll them down because that would seem way to suspicious and he would have probably pulled me over to check them out. He pulls up behind me and turns his lights on and I roll the front windows down hopefully he doesn't notice.
So I get pulled over right across the street from work. Said my tags were expired I told him I just barely got my smog so they're still in the process of mailing my tags, first of all I don't see why he pulled me over for it because it's still November and don't I have til the end of the month to renew my tags? He then comes back with a fix it ticket also below that he wrote me up for my tinted windows they were rolled down and he didn't even check with the tint measure to see if they were illegal (legal limit is 35% in CA) or not. I didn't get a ticket, just a fix-it for my registration and a warning for my windows. And until December 28 to address the problems.

So I was wondering, what does the warning mean? Does it mean that I'm in the system and next time I get pulled over I'll get a ticket for the windows? Everywhere says the limit is 35% but he didn't bother to this wrong? Also is there a way around it? Can I get a doctors note saying that I need tinted windows because my skin is sensitive to skin cancer? (kind of is, I'm fairly white and get lots of sun spots)
On the DMV website it says you need a surgeon or some type of doctors note which I can get, but is that all? It says that the tint/shade needs to be removed at night. Can I just tell them I'll roll the windows down at night? What does the warning mean
I was honestly considering going to the inspection office and during the day light, open the sun roof to let as much light shine in, turn on the interior lights, and tell them that this is 35% tint IF ALL ELSE FAILS..

Here is what it says on the DMV website:

(10) Sun screening devices meeting the requirements of Section 26708.2 installed on the side windows on either side of the vehicle’s front seat, if the driver or a passenger in the front seat has in his or her possession a letter or other document signed by a licensed physician and surgeon certifying that the person must be shaded from the sun due to a medical condition, or has in his or her possession a letter or other document signed by a licensed optometrist certifying that the person must be shaded from the sun due to a visual condition. The devices authorized by this paragraph shall not be used during darkness.

help guys, thank you. - Michael
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