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Originally Posted by KwlAznKid View Post
lol i know you're probably mad at me still from the other thread but i thought i would give you my 2 cents since i've been in this situation before

i had a doctor's note (legitimate, real doctor everything) i took a fix it ticket to court thinking with the doctor's letter thinking i could use it, this is where the tricky part is. the note needs to EXACTLY SAY that you MUST have tint, (and i hear even if it says that it might not hold still). my note said something along the lines of something like he HIGHLY RECOMMENDS that I have tint on the front windows, that still didn't hold up in court and i was slapped with the ticket

now as for legality, what VTE is saying is correct, 70% is the darkest you can go in california for FRONT windows, back windows it doesn't matter and no cars (talking regular mass produced cars here) come with front tint darker than that

good luck
Lol my bad I just get offended about my little n52 hahaha.

Okay so when they gave me a fix it ticket there was an address at the bottom where I have to get the car inspected for the tint. Is it a police station? court? inspection? What is it ? Do I just go there and show them my doctors/surgeon/physicians note that REQUIRES me to have tinted windows because of my skin sensitivity and proneness to skin cancer? Or take it to court? What should be written on the note?..literally I've gotten sun burned with no tint lol true story.

Also I don't understand why they gave you a ticket in court, couldn't you still meet the deadline of your fix-it before it became a ticket? is that like the consequence of taking it to court lol. And wow so everyone here in the valley is driving around with illegal tint -___-
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