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Ordered a 125D

Shortly before TMP got his MLite I paid a rather ill advised visit to my local BMW dealership where I was astounded to discover that I really liked the F20 in the flesh. I had started getting the new car itch a few weeks before this visit when I started looking at MK6 GTi's.

The dealer ran some figures on a 125i for me and I was pleasantly surprised to see it was less than i though on their PCP deals. This got me starting to think that an MLite may well not be beyond my reach as spec'd up to a similar standard the 125i was only marginally cheaper. However, a bit of digging about on the internet revealed that the MLite has M fuel bills so with me doing around 15k miles a year it was out of the picture.

I continued trying to get a deal on a 125i when a local dealer told me they had a 125d in stock. The deal on it was crap but I was impressed by the car on the test drive. Looking at performance it was exactly the same as the 125i only a fair bit cheaper to run. The head heart battle went on and yesterday my head won.

Now ordered.

125d 5 door manual
Alpine white
Dakota leather - coral red
Visibility pack
Hi-Fi speaker system
Brushed aluminium trim - black high gloss finish
Heated front seats
Full black panel display
Driver comfort pack
5 year/60k miles service pack

I changed the spec at the last minute from estoril blue (nearly ever second Msport on babybmw or the AUC site is EB) and added leather instead of the paint. I then asked for the thrones to be heated out of generosity. I thought I got 11.5% off but maths has never been a strong point. The dealer told me it was more like 10.5% and they were covering most of the cost of the heated seats. In the end the dealer beat the Broadspeed quote by about 1500

I also managed to haggle a set of 17" style 380 light alloys with Continental Winter Contact tyres for 650 as opposed to the 1540 that they retail at. They had been on a demonstrator and had done 200 miles so not even scrubbed in and totally unmarked alloys.