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Looking to downsize

Right, in an effort to curb some costs and make a proper effort to save up in order to move house i am considering downsizing my car.. by downsize all i really mean though is that it had to be more economic to run both in terms of fuel i put it, and servicing costs.

Like a lot of people, i get a car allowance through work. It's a use it or lose it style system that after tax comes out at approx 340 pcm, so not massive, but enough for something decent right?

In the past 5/6 years i've spent way over that, but now i need to trim up the excess few of hundred quid i spend on top and stick it into savings as well as some other aggressive 'trimming' elsewhere. Be a fun few years won't it?

So, what are the options/recommendations do we think.. i am looking at leasing the following (due to rules around the car age etc, can't just get an older one):

* BMW 1er
* Merc A-Class
* New VW Golf Mk7
* New Audi A3
* Volvo V40?!
* Alfa Guilietta??!!!

Priorities are as follows, in no particular order:

1. Fuel economy.. look at something in the 60mpg++ range [so basically diesel]
2. Service costs.. low low low low
3. Most 'bang for buck' car
4. I know whatever happens this car will be dull as ditch water, but something interesting would be nice!

I spent a good 2 or weeks working on the A-Class A180 CDI, but the numbers don't add up as i do around 15k per annum and the monthlies were like 410, shame, nice car... but reviews are so mixed i'm only prepared to go with that if it's around the 340 - 350 mark..

I'm now starting to think mk7 golf a bit, specced one up on their site andthe 1.6 TDI although only coughing up only 105bhp returns just over 70mpg.. mut be sooo dull though.

Things i really know i'm going to miss are nav, xenons, leather etc.. the golf with nav and xenons only came out at 22720 which seems ok right?

Arghh.. what are people thoughts on this? should i go even lower and spec up something like a polo to the max? or should i get an econobox golf with no nice stuff?

Any potentials i have missed off?