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Originally Posted by wuntunmein88 View Post
Nice write up. Clear and concise.

Originally Posted by ryansungasong View Post
I already searched this on google and on forums and found a bunch of answers but what are the best jack stands to buy for the jack points? I realize you have to modify them but which are the easiest to modify?
There's really no need to modify the jack stands as the jack pads (lift points) on the vehicle fit very securely within the saddle of the stand. Some folks use jack pad adapters when using a floor jack to mate up between the saddle on the jack and the jack pads on the vehicle - this makes for a nice positive connection and minimizes wear and tear on the pads, but IMO is unnecessary.

As far as which jack stands to buy, your standard Sears 2-ton jack stands will work just fine. If you want a little more capacity go with 3-ton. I think I have two of each. If buying from Sears gives you a rash...there are lots of other choices out there. I would stay away from "Harbor Freight quality" stands, if you're paying a ridiculously low price for something...there's probably a good reason.
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