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Originally Posted by Mud View Post
He is not an illegal immigrant.

Neither as far as I remember has he committed any crimes in this country, in fact when "evidence" was put forward it got thrown out as flimsy nonsense didnt it?
Interesting that you go a little way to defend the man described by the Authorities as a "truly dangerous individual" and a "key UK figure" in al-Qaeda related terror activity. He supported the 9/11 attacks and was described as Osama Bin Laden's 'right hand man' in the UK. He has also spent a considerable amount of time on remand at Her Majesty's pleasure. He may not have been directly convicted of any crimes, but as a committed Islamist he has spouted enough hatred to be considered a big enough threat to our society to be detained for a prolonged period.

Did he not initially enter the UK with a falsified passport? In my book that would make him an illegal entrant into this country, he clearly got away with that.

There is something monstrously ironic and hypocritical about this man who I suspect decries western values, and stands against all British values and culture, but is happy to use the full force of British Justice system, at the taxpayers expense, to not be returned to face allegations in his native Middle East.

This episode is as much an illustration of our futile, backward leaning, ultra liberal judiciary as much as it is about the inability to deport a suspected terrorist.

Let's agree to disagree.