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honestly, all drama aside, this isn't all that impressive to me. yes, 631 w-ft-lbs is impressive on a stock block.

look at the HP curve, though. i'm not as concerned with the 300 w-ft-lbs fall off as i am the HP peaking at 4.5k - 5k rpms. with a ported head. and upgraded turbo's.

the stock twin turbo's will carry power well into 5.5k - 6k rpms with proper tuning.

regardless, congrats on breaking the rb turbo dyno record. hopefully, PTF can tune the car more to carry HP through 6k rpms, and avoid the 4.5k rpm peak as it sits currently.

i'd be rather disappointed with this, having compared Dzenno's previous dyno graphs with RB's, where HP peaked later in the RPM range and didn't fall off so drastically.