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Lol. Dude i went through this on 3 of my cars. And a lot of the info here is false (at least for CA laws anyway.)

Here's the deal: You can tint the sh*t out of your back 3 windows. As dark as you want. However your front 3 MUST be untinted. Like 0%. If a cop pulls you over and sees ANY kind of film on your front windows you get a fix it ticket.

If you get a ticket for it (you did), just pull off the tint, get it signed off, pay the $25 correction fee, and tint it again if you wish. (no guarrantee you won't get pulled over again and have to repeat the steps. If you want to be safe, leave them untinted)

And there seems to be some confusion about this so I'll repeat it: You cannot have ANY percentage of tint on your front 3 windows (windshield and two front windows). 70%, 35%, 50%, 5%, whatever- it's illegal according to California's laws.