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You said:

Originally Posted by joec500 View Post
Just another data point that even guys with LSD's and DO NOT drag snap these half shafts.
You also said:

Originally Posted by joec500 View Post
I honestly think the stock Drive Shafts are ok for Street assuming you resolve any wheel hop issues. I think Toe Arms are in my near future. In order to get DSS, I need working DriveShafts to be sent in, so I will be going with stock replacements and looking into Toe Arms to assist in the Toe Hop Issue.

It's the wheel hop shock jolting our DriveShafts into submission, because I remember spinning out 1st gear than droping right into 2nd gear, and I think I regained traction abruptly thus tearing apart my half shaft.
So just to clarify, you were accelerating through wheel hop after shifting into 2nd when the axle broke, or did you just shift from 1st to 2nd quickly, and then dump the clutch which resulted in no wheel hop, but a broken axle?

Also, I don't think DSS needs working axles. They replace the bar and the CVs.


The Driveshaft Shop upgraded axles require you to send your half to them for the upgrade. They can be snapped in half and it doesn’t matter. They will tear your old half shafts down and upgrade the race and cage that comprise the inner CV, then upgrade the bar to much stronger parts.