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Originally Posted by douggreglas View Post
-Initially, I wasn't able to do anything to the MULF2 in NCS Expert. After I'd coded the other modules, bluetooth showed up in my settings, but clicking on the turn on bluetooth box did absolutely nothing. No check mark appeared, no error message, nothing.

-Inside NCS Expert, when attempting to "Process ECU" (such as the "2MULF"), NCS displays which files it needs in order to interact with that module. After many frustrations, I noticed that I was missing the file ULF2_HI.PRG. Once I'd obtained the file and put it in the correct folder, I was able to reset (SG_RESET) the MULF. I was not able to enact the SG_CODIEREN command on it. Immediately after resetting, though, bluetooth started working!

-While trying to get the coding to work, I reset the ECU that controls the sunroof. This caused the car to throw an error code - it needs to have the sunroof's travel distance calibrated, otherwise it can't tell the difference between pinching someone's fingers and being all the way closed. To fix this (with the sunroof and shade completely closed), I pressed up on the sunroof button and held for 2-3 minutes. After a while, everything opened all the way, and then closed all the way. This was its calibration procedure.

I believe the same applies to the windows - if you somehow lose the calibration data, it'll get upset, and a similar procedure will re-calibrate it.
I too have the same options as the original post (including Sirius) and believe I am experiencing the same problem with coding you mention here with the "please wait" issue. I am looking for anyone on this post to confirm - with the picture I've included - that this is in fact the same scenario and if so - will the coding douggreglas mentions work.

The picture here shows the BT activation screen under Telephone - Options; you can see it is not editable (I cannot click the check box; I can highlight the option with the iDrive controls, but pressing the iDrive button does nothing). On the Telephone screen itself (not pictured) the screen sits with a rotating circle and the screen says "please wait". The car has gone to sleep - but no resolution
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