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Well, the same can be said about a new stock pump depending on peak torque. BrianMN does a lot of testing with eXX and at high rates new pumps work fine for most cars. I put down 448ft/lbs on the Mustang so realistically it should be good for 500+ torque on a Dynojet. I know FFTEC designed and tested this solution. They took into consideration all the factors so hopefully the RB guys can take advantage of this and turn up the power. Would be cool to see a set of RB's put down 600 wheel on e85.

With regard to my car, I'm thinking 480ish. Just being realistic. I was thinking 400 was a good target on the Mustang because Trevor's car with 100% e85 was making 375ish. Watching Serg's Sick335 pull on me wasn't disappointing knowing he has RB's and a few hundred pounds down with the seat pulled and CF parts, not to mention my weight vs his. All in all it was a good race. I wish I wouldn't have screwed up the start. I ended up leaving in second because he wanted to roll at 40 and I spun, then had to grab 3rd. By then it was too late he was already pulling away. So looking back, good clean start, same weight, he probably would have only got a couple of cars on me in a half mile rather than 5 or 6...

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I hope it makes a ton of power! Can't wait to see your charts.

On the pump we know the cheap Walbro works great for 100% E85 stock turbos. 100% E85 RB turbo fueling is another story all together. Are any 100% E85 RB turbo cars running the FFTEC one yet?