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Originally Posted by Amini77 View Post
Lol my bad I just get offended about my little n52 hahaha.

Okay so when they gave me a fix it ticket there was an address at the bottom where I have to get the car inspected for the tint. Is it a police station? court? inspection? What is it ? Do I just go there and show them my doctors/surgeon/physicians note that REQUIRES me to have tinted windows because of my skin sensitivity and proneness to skin cancer? Or take it to court? What should be written on the note?..literally I've gotten sun burned with no tint lol true story.

Also I don't understand why they gave you a ticket in court, couldn't you still meet the deadline of your fix-it before it became a ticket? is that like the consequence of taking it to court lol. And wow so everyone here in the valley is driving around with illegal tint -___-

when you get a fix it ticket you can take it to any cop to get it signed off, assuming you FIXED the problem (taken the tint off in this case), however if you decide to fight it, it'll have to be in court, a cop doesn't have the discretion to overturn another cop's fix it ticket nor will they. you have to get it signed off and pay the fee (when i did it i had to go to the courthouse to pay the fee, so that was annoying)

i didn't get a ticket in court, my bad if it sounded like that, what i meant was that my ticket was NOT dismissed even with my doctor's note, but this is all up to the judge like i said. the judge has the right to do whatever he/she decides is legal as far as the doctor's note goes, what i'm saying is don't assume a sure win even with a note. i don't believe this is a consequence for going to court to fight a fix it ticket, (this was MANY years ago when i was like 16) so i can't remember if i got slappd with a higher fee or anything.

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