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Originally Posted by Wedge1967 View Post
Not to push anyones buttons, but depending on what you want to do with your car, COBB is a very good looking option if you just want plug-n-play. So keep an open mind and don't let the price drive your tune. Eventually if you want to make big power with the JB you'll end up getting a COBB to flash your tables anyway. At that point you may as well use the JB for meth control. At the end of the day COBB, GIAC, Vishnu, and JB are all making good power. What ever you end up getting just have fun...
I'm honestly beating between keepin my jb4 and mix e85:91 on map 5 (upgrade to G5 ISO) or switch over to Vishnu procede rev 3 with flex fuel kit. Now from what I'm learning, the both need reflash. As for the jb4, it needs Cobb/bms flash when running high e85 %, does it also cause the boost to run low when you remove the jb4 since its flashed? Also, from what I'm getting, jb4 and Vishnu will produce over 400whp but which one is safer? It sounds like flex fuel kit is pretty safe. I really like the fact that I will know how much ethanol mixture I have every time I fill up. Vishnu seems to not only produce great whp but also provides great safety measures like advancing time, good a:f ratio and etc. my goal is to run e85:91 the most safest way for my car. I wish someone can do a pro and cons of running jb4 G5 iso vs Vishnu procede rev 3 with flex fuel kit.