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Originally Posted by BenġrTheBMW View Post
Again, I am not a habitual speeder and was going said speed limit.This crash had nothing to do with my age or driving ability.
Glad you're OK. Car accidents can really do damage, but I guess you're okay (for now).

Now on the note of driving ability..I disagree that the crash did not involve driver skill.. me, yes I am only 18, but driving in NYC ages you quickly.. being I have to deal with the worst drivers in the country and super packed streets.. anyway.. I almost get into an accident like this maybe once a month?.. people are ridiculous (if I understood the crash ) when you are crossing through an intersection and someone is waiting to cross your land to turn, Always! Have your foot on the break, switching from gas to break can result in a major difference in feet, thus a crash, always assume.. hey this asshat might cut in front of me..

Just something to consider (if that's the type of crash it was)
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