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Originally Posted by slostjoe View Post
Ok, so I will not get into all the details as to why I switched other than a few very important factors, Customer Service....Terry has been nothing short of amazing in getting my car to the point at which it is now. Second of all I couldn't get my car to run correctly on the Procede and Vishnu kept blaming Injectors, Spark plus etc to why my car wasnt making power.

So here are the dyno runs- E92 335i 6mt

Procede V5 Rev 3, 93oct/e85, 50/50, 3" DP's DCI's and an FMIC the car made 385.11Whp and 412.43Wtq at 53* temps.

JB4 G5 ISO 93/e85 50/50 Mix, 3" DP's DCI's and an FMIC the car made a best of 441.59whp and 483.93wtq this was with the clutch slipping very badly. So the highest full pull I was able to make was 433.59whp and 474.93wtq this was 64* temps.

So I am very happy with this switch and the car is so much faster on the street! I have also added the BMS/Cobb backend flash, 100% E85 and NLS 2 Step it is amazing what this car feels like on a 30* night and full throttle shifting.

I just ordered a clutch and will be hitting the dyno once again. I tried scanning the dyno sheets and can't get them to upload correctly will try again when I get home.
Which map are you running on? Map 5 auto tune or map 7?