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That's still on the table...ive just been disappointed. FBO minus fmic on pump gas i only dynoed at 335 rwhp/355 lb-ft. Underwhelming. I'm having some issues with the car and they might be hardware-related. Taking to the dealer soon. After that's sorted I'll try the procede again, but if it's not performing well then I'll try the JB4 for a few weeks. Just seems like people are putting down really impressive numbers with auto tune maps and E85 on the JB4. Procede requires a lot of fussing it seems and I don't have the time/knowledge to be constantly messing with this thing.
Yeah I'm the same way man, I don't the time to constantly messing with my car all the time. Like I want something that I can depend on that will make my car run safe but yet pull some good numbers... Flex fuel kit seems pretty safe and so does the jb4 g5 iso.