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Originally Posted by keeedle View Post
I can't thank you enough lol, and hasek9339 too.
So right now I am thinking, should I take off my secondary cats when I install the PE? Am I going to pass inspection if I take them off?

damn I am excited lol
You should be okay taking them off, I'm not sure how the n52 is but the n54 secondary cats aren't monitored. If you know someone that does your inspections you should be okay (wont throw any codes or monitors), if you go to a rip off place (firestone, goodyear, sears etc) they are going to notice the cut marks and figure out they are missing. Why do you want to delete them? Make it louder? Installing the PE is easy enough to do in your garage or driveway I would just put it on, let it break in then decide if you want it louder. Plus trying to find a shop that will delete them is a challenge.