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Originally Posted by kmarei View Post
i'm just pissed when i have to pay a higher percentage tax than him
Rest assured that in raw dollars, he is contributing far more to the pot than you and I combined. If we all drive over the same bridge, we all get the same benefit from it, it's not as if he gets a special lane to use to cross it faster, even tho he paid for a much bigger section of that bridge than you did. It's not as if the bridge costs less to maintain when someone drives a 15 year old Camry over it, compared to a new M5. Raw dollars matter when paying for the stuff that makes society function, not percentages.

If you are interested in not being pissed, I'd suggest trying not to think about it too much, because then you'll realize that he pays the same for a gallon of gas as you do, or a jug of milk, etc, so he's also paying a much lower percentage of his income than you are for those commodities, not just income taxes. If you are trying to make life "fair" on a percentage basis, you'd have to charge him more for milk, etc.