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Originally Posted by CJ421 View Post
335okc has a point - how many miles are on your suspension? Dampers lose their effectiveness over time. Uncontrolled motion is what makes a car's ride feel, well uncontrolled/unnatural. The stock dampers are underpowered as-is to provide the illusion of a 'supple' ride hence you get bounced around (the damper design philosophy of even big name suspension companies is to do as little compression damping as possible when in fact they should be doing the opposite).

Side note: thanks for the descriptive, concise, and properly punctuated explanation of your issue; lately we've experienced a tragic shortage of intelligence amongst thread starters.
I've been perusing these boards (and posting occasionally) for months, and I agree--so I tried to include everything I could in my first post! Thank you, as well, for your detailed response--when people reply "Use this" with no explanation, it means I have no clue as to why.

Originally Posted by NokTurNaL 330i View Post
Post your wheel and tire specs including tire brand.

As a first step you could possibly get 17" rims (assuming you have 18) and tires with larger sidewall to help dampen road imperfections before you start replacing suspension bits. Tire type and brand can impact the ride quality significantly. But no matter what rim and tire you have if you hit a "crater" you will feel it. This is what I would do.

Hope this helps!
I actually took a look, and they look like 16" rims. I've attached a photo, but I'm at work right now, so I don't really want to be crawling around. The tires themselves say "TO BE USED WITH 16" RIMS" or similar on the edge, however. Also, pardon the nastiness--it's rainy and nasty out here in Seattle.

(click for larger image)

Originally Posted by 335okc View Post
it could be your aging strut. mine used to be harsh because the strut were worn out. i swapped with koni fsd and non run flats and i got the most comfy ride in any track event lol. it won't compete with Buick but it sure is smoother than most track car I've been in.
When I had my PPI done at the BMW dealership (I bought from a private seller), they mentioned that there were cracks in the suspension cover, but nothing about the suspension itself. Based on the history of the car, the suspension has never been altered, which means there's about 52k miles on them right now--and since the car has always been in Seattle, that number probably carries more weight!