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Res Del for x pipe, 2nd cat Del, stk muffler

well im picking up my 325i this weekend. Getting a few mods done to it asap. The exhaust being one.

But with all the searches ive done i cant really get a solid answer on this ?

I plan to delete the res, put in a x pipe in place of it. delete the 2nd cat as well. If its not too much money id also like to do 2.5 inch piping all the way back from the headers.

Does anyone have a sound clip of res delete & 2nd cat delete?? Or better yet, res delete w/ x pipe + 2nd cat delete?? with the stock muffler?

From what ive read here it shouldnt be too loud, or raspy. the x pipe should help quite a bit with keeping down the rasp.

i looked in the sticky exhaust thread too. I am not going for sound here, just air flow.