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Ok, first thing I want to do is talk about the slight restructure of the stages. Nothing big but with some thought, inspection and input from a then friendly RB and others. I am going to change things slightly and its really not going to effect anyone.

We will now NOT offer any turbos for the N54 that do not upgrade the wastgate flapper, even our stock replacements will include the upgrade as honestly while some have very little wear and you may get a lot more miles out of them before rattle, problems, etc. It makes more sense to change them all. So what this means is.

Stock replacement price goes from $799 for the pair to $1099 for the pair with wastegate upgrade and new actuators. You will also have the options with stock replacements to go with the upgraded TD04 thrust parts. Price for the option is $300

There is now only one stage 1 upgrade that includes the wastegate upgrade which is now $1699 instead of $1799. Yes price went down. As with the rest you can opt for the upgraded TD04 thrust parts for the stage 1's. Upgraded thrust option is $300. Also we are having 5 sets of stock turbines clipped to 7 degrees and will be testing both in our test car to see if we see any gains between clipped and stock.

For stage 2 the upgraded thrust option price has been finalized and is $300. The impregnated bearings and thrust samples are still being manufactured and once we have thoroughly tested them and are proven to do what we hope, these will be added as an option as well. If not, then they will be scrapped. Honestly we are trying to move forward and push the envelope of the stock housing hybrids and are not scared to break some parts to do so.

Having the bracket that holds the rear intake tube on mass produced out of aluminum and will include one with every set of stock, stage 1, and stage 2 turbos at no cost.

Stage 3, long block along with all parts is at fabricators and is being started on this week, had billet oil feeds made, and changed the size of the compressor housing from the big T04B to a smaller option which is better suited for this engine bay and flow needs.

The flappers came in and I finally got back to the shop and was able to inspect them this am. While beautifully made, the specs were wrong. My vendor accidentally made them to the exact specs of the factory sample I sent them, not my specs. I am beefing them up, SO new samples need to be made for me to inspect. I was told a week to make the changes and put a sample in the mail. Disappointing but not devastating as we are waiting on other parts anyways. I also went with an investment cast stainless instead of billet, it costs more to start but it is easier to produce more later on once you get the molds made, and I am sure I will be needing more of these.

I have included pictures of the upgraded thrust parts so you can see the differences in the thrust bearing itself and also in the size of the flinger, and thrust collar over the STD stuff. Also some pictures of all the housings getting ready to go out for machining as well as my billet oil feeds for the stage 3 kits, and flanges on long block.

Timeframe still stands where it was last update. Early to mid Dec to receive stage 2 parts and Stage one wheels are supposed to ship in 2 days.

Ok guys, thanks as always for the patience and interest. Feel free to send me any questions.
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