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Originally Posted by bmw335idizzle View Post
Question... I've been searching all over but I can't find it. People who run jb4 G5 and using ethanol mix likes to do the Cobb/bms reflash, where the heek to I find this?!?! Lol also is the Cobb flash with jb4 g5 iso just as good as Vishnu rev 3 with flex fuel kit and reflash?
Two things to consider:

1. You do not need anything other than the JB4 G5 up to 50% mixes. The benefit past 50% is minimal performance wise (about 10hp more MAYBE) but it will allow you to use only one pump obviously.

2. The Cobb, if you decided to flash with BMS flash also, has significant resale value. Its not like you lose the money on the flash. Don't forget the Cobb is an entire tuning solution in itself which you can update with free downloads.

The main benefit left for the Proceed is the ability to go from 100% ethanol to 0% without resetting anything. The reality though is that this is one press of a button over the steering wheel controls. It really isn't a big deal and if you forget to do it, no your motor isn't going to explode. You will CEL and misfire though.

I see benefit to both and obviously the sensor serves a purpose and is closer to the correct/ideal solution. That being said, JB4 is putting down big numbers and has the added benefit of a Cobb and for 100% E85 use.