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Originally Posted by OldMan335dOwner View Post
Seems there is a variety of dealer reactions to third-party mods (e.g., Renntech) while under 4-year maintenance program. Some seem to not care unless it causes them grief; some want to be picky.

I had assumed that if they reflashed the ECU then it would always be necessary to get the Renntech mod redone, which for me too would be a hassle. [NOTE: I haven't done this upgrade yet; still in pondering mode].

So I was just worried about the dealer saying "sorry chump, you're no longer entitled to the free stuff".

Doesn't anyone know what Renntech would charge to reflash if you ship the ECU back to them?
You are in MD so you might find this useful as it relates to making your decision reagarding which tune you want to go with esp considering it will be a hassle to have to remove your ECU and ship it each time the dealer reprograms your ECU.

Anyway, Mach V in Sterling VA is in discussions with Evolve, in which case it is quite possible that in the not to distant future they will be an Evolve dealer. Making a trip out to Sterling is a lot more convenient then the aforementioned.