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Originally Posted by Elie335 View Post
I thought of doing a revival thread for mw3, old threads are dead buried somewhere

What prestige are you at? whats your kill rank? what have you accomplished till now?

Whats yours?
I am nowhere near your league. I've only been playing for a couple months. (That goes for any of the CoD games, so no prior experience). I'm happy if I can keep my K above 0.50. It's not too often that I go 1.0 or higher on individual matches. But I am improving, albeit slowly.

I've hit lev 80 but have not prestiged, and I probably won't. I've got two gold guns, with a third right behind. I've unlocked about half of the pro perks. And I've only recently been experimenting with different killstreaks. (for the longest time I was just support and getting just the usual uav/cuav).

any other inputs/sharing/stories are welcomed
I did have some funny care package mishaps in recent weeks.

One of the difficulties I've had with MW3 is the seemingly disproportionate amount of experienced and/or skilled players vs. the amount of noobs like me. When I join lobbies I am quite often the worst player in the lot. I often wonder WTH are all the other noobs?? Skill-based matchmaking would've probably helped me a lot.