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Switching from standard 335 exhaust tips to is tips

Hey everyone,

I managed to snag some 335is exhaust tips and I'm looking to install them on my car. I know most folks just have the old tips just off and the new ones welded in place. I would like to avoid that as it opens me up to misalignment issues. Plus the tips came with precious little piping attached to weld on.

I did notice when I was examining the tips though that the outer "skin" of the tip appears to be separate from the rest of the regular tubing. It looks like the skin is tack welded at the forward edge of the tip (the part you can't see). I am thinking if I can cut that tack weld I can get the skin loose from the inner tubing. If I do the same with the tips on the car I can simply swap the skins. I would use something like JB weld to attach the is skins to the tubing and I should be set.

Has anyone done something like this before? I will post some photos of what I am thinking later on today but I figured I would ask the collective consciousness about it.