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Originally Posted by the infamous... View Post

dude... i... i uhh... i'm completely shocked, surprised, stunned n any other 's' word adjective/adverb u can think of bc i can't right now...

man... saddest part imo is u might not get another bmw.
smh it has been a fun ride 2 say the least, pretty sure u kno how i've always looked up 2 u.
ur e90 is n always will b the BEST e9x builds in existence.

glws n i wish u all the best in ur future endeavors.

I feel the exact same way.

You said you were keeping this car forever! Forever!

I am truly sad to see this car go to another owner, it may or may not be the same after you sell it. What if start putting m3 badges on it?

Well Glws brother man, keep in touch with us bimmer guys as you will part ways from the bmw community.

Btw, I hope you're getting a 911 turbo s, or else your downgrading. Lol
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