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Originally Posted by cleex024 View Post
dude its your not drive the car or you will blow something in the engine. happened to me and i turned it off immediately.

you could actually check your waterpump by turning it on for the bleeding process. you have to turn the car to the on position without starting your car and put your heater on the highest temperature set at low speed fan and hold the accelerator down for 10 seconds and it should turn on.

if you pop your hood you should be able to hear intermittent sounds of the waterpump turning on and off. if you cant the obviously your waterpump has failed.

what you could do though is stop your car and let it sit for a while so the temp goes all the way down and if you are like less than a few minutes away from the dealership just drive it there but only if its a few minutes away.
Whoa buddy, he is not going to blow up anything. The car is smart enough to throw CEL and reduce power to prevent anything going wrong. Though dangerous, nothing to crazy to worry about.

OP it is the water pump. Super Loud fans, No power (car can bearly rev when hot) Yellow coolant and red coolant lights pop up.

it could be bad or connection to water pump is bad. Id drive home and then get BMW to tow it unless the dealership is close.