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Originally Posted by S3RI35 View Post
Thanks for the explanation. I almost typed one out, but just refused to this morning based on the arrogance and/or ignorance of the guy (at least that's what I interpreted). I almost even sent him to the frontal crash ratings link. OP wasn't speeding (or so he said), so I don't know where the issue of fast cars come into play. Mind you, the STI has Brembos going for it :-D

Also OP, Toyotas are on a mass recall... again! Don't wanna be messing around with those.
So what brembos are for braking what if a pickup going 40 mph hits you from the side? Its not ignorance my family members have sti's and evo's and I drive them all the time. There was speed involved and im only going by the cops judgement stating its both their faults...

This is a BMW forum im not going to argue with you that a BMW is safer than the Subaru.