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Originally Posted by Jeff@topgearsolutions View Post
Not sure if you are serious but Subaru's are very safe (one of the safest on the road), and I'm quite sure they are going to be a lot safer then a mid 90's M3. Safety in respect to vehicles has come a long way since 1995-99.

Depending on the year, Subaru's have 2-6 air bags, and believe it or not airbags are not the only determination of safety in a vehicle. Crumple zones, impact zones, engineering of the uni-body, and other factors play a large role in the car's safety.

My buddy was a fire fighter, and he went to a training scenario with a late model subaru, he said the jaws of life had a hard time cutting through an A-pillar, they use some very high strength steel and welding techniques.

Fore more for specific safety information on cars checkout
I could've sworn that when I had my E36 M3, one of the ratings was 3 stars, which did irk me a bit, but then I think I remember reading something where the E36 was retroactively downgraded to one star in one of the categories for some reason.... The badge isn't what makes the car safe.

OP, glad you're ok, and you seem to have a pretty good attitude compared to a lot of people around here who are older than you. Also, shame on you for no pics of said cheerleader.