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Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post
One of the reason may be:
Pre March 2007 cars may not have windows rolling feature with keylock mechanism and just on fob. (Just a guess but I many be wrong)

And that may explains it that why BMW is not interested to turn off that feature on those cars if the features does not even exist.

But pre march 2007 cars are as vulnerable as any other cars in terms of OBD vulnerability.
Checked on my '05 330i this evening. And yes, the comfort access with the key is fully functional. So not limited to post March 2007 cars.

I had put my name down at my local dealer for the fix a few weeks back (had to persuade them to at the time mind) and called up yesterday to request an appointment for the fix but nothing doing - just gave the usual spiel and the main hotline number.

So I'm guessing that at least one of the following is true as to why the fix is not on offer for pre March '07 cars (despite the vulnerability being exactly the same):

1) The operating system is indeed different for pre March '07 cars and BMW don't have the motivation to produce a separate fix for older vehicles

2) The software update that is available could work on pre March '07 cars but BMW don't want to offer it as the existing software on many such vehicles is likely to be so out of date that an update would take too long and tie up too much dealer time

3) BMW purely trying to limit their exposure to this issue