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Originally Posted by psmitty95 View Post
It was mobil 93 octane on map 5. I filled up with 93 but it could have been 91 or 87 considering the gas shortages here . I thought everything was back to normal so I threw in some 93... Maybe I should adjust open loop?

Main reason i went out to log today was to see if everything was running well since i'm planning on going to a dyno saturday so any other feedback on settings i should change or whatnot would be appreciated. I keep debating between dynoing with 93 or 50/50 E85. Only reason idk if i want to go with E85 is i kind of want to find out what numbers the car pushes on a daily basis and I also heard that in the winter gas stations change the E85 mix?
Your trims are fine so open loop isn't the issue, it's your gas quality no doubt. If map 5 is tuning to 13psi and you are FBO, and your timing is looking like that, I would mix in some e85. If you are going to dyno your car, you don't have to leave it on map 5. You can use a custom map6, or if you don't want to mess with that I would just run map 1.