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Originally Posted by kamek View Post
Makes me sick to my stomach to see that... Hope you can get this all resolved.

P.S. I run 9" +26 with 235/35 front and 10" +20 265/30 rear (saw your post about wanting to go more aggressive).
Thanks...mine is making it's way to the shop tomorrow AM. I got the car off the cinder blocks onto a friend's winter 189s today, and a whole mess of plastic came out from both sides...there was this one shard of underbody paneling that I noticed when I pulled the cinder block away which had the BMW logo broken down the middle on one of the shard's was a depressing symbol of my baby being hurt. I'm totally in perspective, with the things going on around here, things could be SO much worse, just had to vent/share.

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Thanks Matt for getting this out there. I think you've covered the details of the incident as occurred. Truthfully, too f*cking pissed to elaborate further.

Attached is the pic of my car intact. As requested, if you guys see/hear anything, please let us know. Much appreciated.
Sigh. When did you take those? It looks so damn good.

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looks good needs a drop
If that's a reference to the intact pics, ???. If that's a reference to my, that is funny :P
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FUCK man that is awful, real sorry to hear about both of you. I'll be sure to keep my eyes peeled although I'm sure the wheels are somewhere in Jersey at this point.
Thanks man, I appreciate it. And you probably know how secure that garage is too...if someone's motivated, nothing is safe. And I would definitely imagine they are probably somewhere in the Bronx or Jersey by now...

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Wow. Sorry for your loss. Wheel locks may not be the absolute answer in wheel security (and from a shop standpoint, they're a PITA), but they will slow down the thieves and maybe deter amateurs. I don't think that anything would have stopped these guys.
I think you are right, esp. based on the value of other cars around us. They probably had a shopping list, they clearly knew what was there. I wouldn't be shocked if it was an inside job (someone working for the building, etc). That said, car was the least violated (no windows broken), and I was the only one without wheel locks. Frankly, I think that a better defense could be getting some higher grade wheel lugs, and tightening them with an air gun to within an inch of breaking, tight to a degree that most pedestrian electric impact guns couldn't get them off (I would expect that's what they use these days). So they'd sit there trying and trying and trying, and would probably eventually give up before someone saw them (hopefully without throwing the block through the glass in anger). Sure, it means that you could pretty much never remove the wheels on the side of the road, and that the bolts might totally seize up in there...but hey, your wheels would be safe!