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Originally Posted by idrift4wd View Post
Whoa buddy, he is not going to blow up anything. The car is smart enough to throw CEL and reduce power to prevent anything going wrong. Though dangerous, nothing to crazy to worry about.

OP it is the water pump. Super Loud fans, No power (car can bearly rev when hot) Yellow coolant and red coolant lights pop up.

it could be bad or connection to water pump is bad. Id drive home and then get BMW to tow it unless the dealership is close.
its smart enough to reduce power but if your engine still gets too hot which it will even with reduced power then your engine is too hot. when you get a red engine light it means stop and do not drive any further or you could possibly harm your car.

even at idle with outside temps at 60 degrees my car water temps get up to 204-209 degrees Celsius so can you imagine when your car isnt running a water pump how hot it would get just sitting there?

trust me there is a reason why bmw doesnt want you to drive when you get a red warning light...means something critical is wrong. something might not go wrong but i wouldnt take my chances as getting an engine part fixed is probably minimum $3000 with labor compared the towing savings of $150.

either way good luck OP and i can guarantee its your water pump with the things you described as thats what happened to me at 60k miles...exact same symptoms and to help you out i got it fixed at the dealership as i needed done asap and they charged me $1100 for everything which is a fair price at a dealership.

if you find the parts new online somewhere you could probably get them for $600 and either do it yourself or get an indy shop to install which might save you a couple hundred but to me its just piece of mind that i dont mind paying for to get it done at the dealership. saving $100-$200 for a job over $1000 really isnt enough for me to go elsewhere.
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